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Re: correctly setting DB_CONFIG

--On July 29, 2009 3:44:58 PM -0500 Peter Clark <clarkp@mtmary.edu> wrote:


I have gotten myself a bit confused. I have gone over the the FAQ-O-Matic
entries on setting DB_CONFIG:

Setting DB_CONFIG is really not all that complex, particularly for the accesslog database. It simply needs to be large enough to hold the size of your id2entry+dn2id bdb files. The __db.* file sizes are determined by the cachesize you set, which is why you see __db.003 being the size of your cache. The total slapd process size is made of the DB_CONFIG cache, plus the entry, idl, and dn cachesizes, plus program overhead. However, plenty of that gets made non-resident, particularly the DB_CONFIG portion if your entire DB fits into the entry cache.

For a primary (non-accesslog database), you'd want DB_CONFIG to be the size of the *.bdb files for when you run slapadd, the rest of the time it only needs to be dn2id+id2entry + some room for growth.



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