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Re: LDAP and SASL problem


Indeed it was not clear from the doc whether it was an openldap pb or a sasl pb so I posted on both lists at the same time.

Well I might be wrong but I think that even in the case of a shared secret, passwords, which must indeed reside on both sides, can appear in a somehow encrypted way and not in clear text. And since it is endeed encrypted when it resides directly in slapd.conf (rootpw parameter) I don't see the improvement in taking it away from slpad.conf where it is encrypted to put it in sasldb where it is not.

I've gone through manuals and maybe I missed something but my main point was "why is my sasl2/slapd.conf ignored". Looking at sasl_server_init in openldap source code I found that, as expected, the server name "slapd" is advertised so libsasl2 should look for slapd.conf (I tried every possible dirs). I'm now investigating the ubuntu patched sasl sources. If I'm right this is a sasl pb and not openldap though so sorry if I posted on the wrong list.


Patrick Ben Koetter <p@state-of-mind.de> a écrit :

* Dieter Kluenter <dieter@dkluenter.de>:
Gildas Bayard <gildas.bayard@hds.utc.fr> writes:

> Hello,
> I'm setting up a new ldap server on ubuntu server 8.04.3 LTS.
> man slapd.conf encourages me into using SASL auth for rootdn instead
> of setting the rootpw parameter in slapd.conf.
> So I created a user in sasldb with saslpasswd2. sasldblistusers2 give me
> admin@coruscant: userPassword which is what is expected.
> But then I see that the password there is in plain text so I don't
> really get the advantage of using SASL then. So I decide to use
> saslauthd instead (which in turn will use pam by default).

Why do you want to use saslauthd and sasldb to authenticate rootdn
against slapd? And why do you complain about plaintext passwords in
sasldb? How else could you response to a challenge based on a shared

> My problem is that I could not find how to tell openldap to use
> saslauthd instead of sasldb.

Because in most cases a ldap server maintains its own user database
and password storage. Basics on how to implement SASL you can find in
the Admin Guide

I pretty much gave Gildas the same answer on the Cyrus SASL mailing list ...


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