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Re: OpenLDAP 2.4.16: can not add multiple 'member' attributes to object groupOfNames

Michael Ströder wrote:
O. Hartmann wrote:
I try to add multiple member attributes to an object of type
groupOfNames and I fail. The same is for objectClass groupOfUniqueNames.
Whenever I try to add the multi-attribute, I receive an error like
'info: member: value #1 invalid per syntax, dec: invalid syntax'. I can
add exactly one attribute of type 'member' for this object.

This diagnostic message says that the 2nd value does not conform to the
syntax, here 'DistinguishedName' for attribute type 'member'. Maybe you
could post the data you're trying to add?

Well, I'm confused, since this worked in older OpenLDAP versions (I'm
now using 2.4.16).

It might be that very old versions of OpenLDAP (prior 2.3) were more
loose on some syntax checking. But if the attribute values of 'member'
are all valid DNs there should not be any problem.

The client(s) I try to add attributes are 'ldapadd'
with a regular LDIF file (file works well if only ONE member-attribute
is specified), LUMA and LAM. All have their described problems.

That's because the OpenLDAP server rejects the input data as invalid.

Ciao, Michael.

Yes, indeed, I tried 'dummy' values and then it worked. Well, why is "member: port=5432" syntactically invalid? I follow the guideline in the PostgreSQL 8.4 handbook for LDAP authentication (found here: http://www.postgresql.org/docs/8.4/interactive/libpq-ldap.html) and since objectclass:groupOfUniqueNames is supposed to be bogus in OpenLDAP 2.4 I tried changing it. Strange.