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Re: performance issue behind a a load balancer 2.3.32

yep,  for a production environment,  running on only one, is a sure fire way to earn myself a sparkling new pink slip...

 -- David J. Andruczyk

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From: John Madden <jmadden@ivytech.edu>
To: David J. Andruczyk <djandruczyk@yahoo.com>
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Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 4:47:07 PM
Subject: Re: performance issue behind a a load balancer 2.3.32

On Tue, 2009-07-21 at 12:39 -0700, David J. Andruczyk wrote:
> This is a large production environment (several hundred servers,
> thousands of requests per minute) and the F5-LB is used to balance the
> load and take care if a node needs to be taken out of service for maint

Given, I run a smaller environment, but even on a several-years-old
v2.2.x install I regularly see several thousand requests per second --
not minute -- with tons of logging enabled -- handled while hardly
touching the CPU.  Are you sure you really need multiple machines?


John Madden
Sr UNIX Systems Engineer
Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana