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Re: DetlaSync rid

--On Tuesday, July 21, 2009 2:31 PM -0500 Peter Clark <clarkp@mtmary.edu> wrote:


This is probably easy to but I did not find a straight forward answer
posted. When using Delta Syncrepl do you use a unique number for the rid
on each consumer in the slapd.conf?

ie: 1 master and 3 slaves:

slave 1:
syncrepl  rid=0

slave 2:
syncrepl  rid=1

slave 3:
syncrepl  rid=2	

Or can I just use syncrepl  rid=0 on all 3 slaves?

You can use rid=0 on all 3 slaves. RID is unique to the particular slave database. I.e., if your given slave replicated from more than one service, each of those would need their own rid. But you are only replicating a single database onto the slave, so the rid can be zero for all of them.



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