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Ndb-backend questions...

I try to get openldap 2.4.16 running with the MySQL Cluster 7.0.6 as backend. Is there a documentation available, how to configure openldap and my-sql? Specifically, I want to know if I can define more than one suffix, which point to different databases (multiple suffix and dbname directives). If so, how to I associate a suffix with the desired database.
Secondly, I got the connection with one suffix to work, but it looked like I have to start the mysql server as well. I thought that the backend-ndb talks directly ndb api.
Thirdly, as far as I know, the backend-ndb also allows you to read existing sql tables from the cluster. How does this work and how do you configure this. So far, I am not able to do that.
Thanks for any pointers.