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Re: Is OpenLDAP RFC 3687-compliant?

Hanz Akkerman wrote:

Dear Kurt Zeilenga, dear developers of OpenLDAP!
Tell me please, does the RFC 3687 (Component Matching) supported  in the
current release or no? I know that OpenLDAP supported it in versions
2.3.x, but i am in doubt, why OpenLDAP-SNACC compilation failed with
OpenLDAP-2.4.16? I think that OpenLDAP-SNACC is freazed and unsuppiorted
now. Am i right?

Yes, the SNACC code has rotted pretty badly and no one has been maintaining it in quite some time.

Also see ITS#4112, #4289, #4699, #5429...

It seems to me that a replacement for SNACC needs to be found, but first we have to find a developer who's interested enough to do any of that work.
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