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Re: password policy - alternate lockout mechanism


This thread has been dead for some time now.  Here is the link to the
original thread and all the follow-up discussion
 An ITS request (5911) was in place for the feature (looks like its
been closed since), Howard had suggested that these requests generally
get worked on as and when folks have time to implement them.

We (at Mozilla) needed this feature to better support users in-house,
so we contracted the development out to Zytrax.  I am happy to inform
you that this code is now ready and works for us on both 2.4.13 and
2.4.16.  Here is the link
(http://www.zytrax.com/books/ldap/ch6/ppolicy.html) to the
documentation from Zytrax about how this feature works and also
contains links to download the code.  I am not sure how we'd go about
getting this code integrated into mainline OpenLDAP, but we would love
for this code to be a part of the regular OpenLDAP releases.  This
code plays nice with existing setups in that its features are turned
off by default and it behaves exactly as the original ppolicy module

Please let me know if you have any questions about how this works or
if there are other concerns about including this in regular OpenLDAP
software releases.