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How do I get libldap to pick up changes in TLS_CACERTDIR?


I'm writing an application that connects to a slapd and the application uses ldap_start_tls_s to secure communication between itself and slapd before doing anything else. The version of openLDAP I'm using is 2.2.29... I know I should get a newer version, but I have no say on this matter, this is the version I have to use. The /etc/openldap/ldap.conf config file contains only one modification:

TLS_CACERTDIR /usr/sw/certs

I'm not sure how I can get libldap to re-process/re-check the contents of TLS_CACERTDIR without ending the application and restarting it. I initially thought that tearing down the session and re-creating one from scratch would do the trick, but that isn't working.


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