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Re: openldap 2.4.16 hangs with dncachesize smaller than max number of records

Rodrigo Costa wrote:


The idea was exactly to use the dncachesize large so the search or
random database access would not be affected.

The issue is that after DB is filled  any search hangs time by time even
there are many entrances into cache. I was expecting that to remove or
re-cache an entrance some performance affectance would occur but if
ldapsearch would be stopped and a new one started the search would be
faster since there are millions of entrances already cached.

Except that there *aren't* million of entries already cached, you've only cached a few thousand entries. And when you have such a tiny fraction of the database cached, the cache is going to be mostly useless for random access patterns. At this point you're making me repeat myself, so I'm stopping here.

By the way, an "entrance" is a doorway. A directory object is an "entry" ...
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