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Re: Changing password with replicat and referal do nothing

Thanks all is Ok now with :

./configure —prefix= —enable-overlays —enable-ppolicy —enable-rwm —enable-bdb --enable-ldap .

Thanks for help

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Objet: Re: Changing password with replicat and referal do nothing

paulpierre.brun@free.fr writes:

> Hello,
> I can load module overlay chain.
> I don't no if it's compile.
> For compiling I do that :
> ./configure —prefix= —enable-overlays —enable-ppolicy —enable-rwm —enable-bdb

If these are your only configure options, the overlays are build in
and you don't have to load a module. If you want the chain overlay as
a module, add the configure option --enable modules. Please read
./configure --help | less .

> To test overlay chain I do 
> ./run -b ldif test032
> Cleaning up test run directory leftover from previous run.
> Running ./scripts/test032-chain...
> running defines.sh
> LDAP backend not available, test skipped

This error only says that LDAP backend is missing, --enable-ldap would
solve this.
> I don't no how I can load module in slapd.conf, I put those ligne 
> modulepath    /usr/sbin/openldap
> moduleload    back_ldap.la

Why would you define a modulepath if you have not built any modules?


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