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Re: back-sql Varchar2 Primary Key Support

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> > King, Leon C wrote:
> > 
> >     Hi all,
> >     	
> >     	Is there a way to wrap oracle functions to where clauses passed
> >     	into back-sql?  I have a non-numeric primary key value of my
> >     	users' table which in some cases is preceeded by a '0'.  None of
> >     	the data mapped via the ldap_entries.keyval and my table are
> >     	being retrieve when I execute an ldap search.  If I remove the
> >     	preceeding '0' the values are retrieved.
> Manually edit servers/slapd/back-sql/back-sql.h and #define
> BACKSQL_ARBITRARY_KEY (it's #undef'd right now). This allows to use
> arbitrary keys (treated as strings) instead of integers. Note: it's not
> very well tested, and performances obviously may decrease (lots of
> mallocs/frees, more demanding comparisons and so).\

I need this also, but get a compile time error:

servers/slapd/back-sql/search.c:2420: error: invalid operands to binary
<< (have ‘struct berval’ and ‘int’)