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Re: how implement pwdpolicy

Rahima Shaheen a écrit :
It gives an error “Invalid syntax (21) pwdAttribute: value #0 invalid per syntax. Why it gives such error? My assumption is ppolicy.schema attribute is not created successfully. Another point in core.schema attributeType; userPassword is comment out. If I uncomment it. slapd –d 1 gives an duplicate attribute type. Give a solution please.
You don't need this attribute, its value is implicit.

Now my question is

a. how I am sure that my PPolicy.schema is created? I don’t have any ppolicy.la
You don't create schemas, you just load them. You create entries, instanciating your schema. Try ldapsearch to check your current LDAP content. But if ldapadd returns and error, that's not even worth checking.

b.       what does do policy.la.
.la file are libtool library files, wrapping the corresponding .so file for dynamic loading. You can either use ppolicy.la or ppolicy.so file in your slapd configuration file.

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