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Externalize access to a partial replica


I need to give acces to a partial replica of my ldap directory
this replica only contain "white pages" attributes -> no userpassword !

syncrepl        rid=001

I created a bind user in the master ldap to give external access to that replica but as I don't replicate userpassword, then that bind user doesn't have usperpasswd in the replicate and then cannot authenticate on it (egg and chiken pb !)

then how can I have that partial replica whitout userpassword attributes,
but still allow someone (at least one dn, but not the rootdn in slapd.conf that I want to keep secret)
to bind to that replica !?

I tested a binddn out of ldap database with SASL (digest-md5), but apparently (ldapsearch -Y) it requires a userpassword attribute for that binddn in the ldap database :-( I though that having a password only in /etc/salsdb2 would be enough ... to bad ;-( I also tested with a translucent in front of my replica, in that translucent I added the userpassword for the binddn so that he can bind , but the search addresed to that translucent that finally goes to my partial replica ends up in an anonymous bind,
not as that binddn I expected :-( (so ACL cannot be match )

Please let me know how to let a user+password (binddn having correponding ACL) search my replica on a replica not containing userpassword attributes (or a least one for that binddn) . would it be possible to replicate userpassowrd attribute from the master only for that binddn ?