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Re: openldap getting very slow


Quanah Gibson-Mount a écrit :
> Since I don't know the particulars of your database, I don't know
> whether or not your database configuration is sufficient for your
> system.  I'd suggest reading up on proper DB tuning, and the parameters
> for tuning slapd (see the slapd-bdb(5) man page).  In particular on the
> BDB side:

for sure; I confess I do not know BDB as well as I should :( I started
with some BDB "man pages", but it's still a long way...

does a "formula" exists to calculate "good" settings, knowing the size
and number of entries of the database ?

> What's the total size of your database? (du -c -h *.bdb)
> How many locks, lockers and lock objects are you using? (You'll need to
> find the right db_stat binary for your database, and then use the -c
> option)

the total size is:
# du -c -h *.bdb
136M	total

and db_stat outputs:
# slapd_db_stat -c
189	Last allocated locker ID
0x7fffffff	Current maximum unused locker ID
9	Number of lock modes
1000	Maximum number of locks possible
1000	Maximum number of lockers possible
1000	Maximum number of lock objects possible
37	Number of current locks
349	Maximum number of locks at any one time
60	Number of current lockers
63	Maximum number of lockers at any one time
37	Number of current lock objects
183	Maximum number of lock objects at any one time
40M	Total number of locks requested (40770521)
40M	Total number of locks released (40770436)
0	Total number of locks upgraded
39	Total number of locks downgraded
0	Lock requests not available due to conflicts, for which we waited
0	Lock requests not available due to conflicts, for which we did not wait
0	Number of deadlocks
0	Lock timeout value
0	Number of locks that have timed out
0	Transaction timeout value
0	Number of transactions that have timed out
544KB	The size of the lock region
0	The number of region locks that required waiting (0%)

> How many total entries are in your database?  What is your cachesize
> setting in slapd.conf in relation to that?  What's your idlcachesize
> setting? etc.

we have some 38,185 entries in the database (between 37,000 and 40,000,
depending on the days...), and the cachesize is:
# grep cachesize DB_CONFIG
set_cachesize 0 268435456 1

however, I do not have an "idlecachesize" setting, neither in DB_CONFIG,
nor in slapd.conf...

I just noticed I left the "allow bind_v2" directive in slapd.conf, could
it be the cause of bad performance ?

thank you for all help provided,

Thomas van Oudenhove - Université de Toulouse
tél: (+33) 5 61 36 60 45
jabberID: thomasvo@im.apinc.org