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Re: RE24 (2.4.15) slapd consuming large amounts of CPU

--On Friday, March 27, 2009 11:17 PM +0100 Harry Jede <walk2sun@arcor.de> wrote:

Hi Quanah,

I have some question about Debian builds of openldap. Maybe you can
answer any.

>> Also, are you using a shared memory key?
How can I realize that?
Can you tell me, what I should adjust in sysctl.


However, using a shared memory key with BDB is only necessary if your cachesize in DB_CONFIG is 8GB or greater.

They use gnutls as ssl package. I've found some bad mails about gnutls
code quality. I believe that was in spring 2008. Should I build with
openssl instead ?

Entirely up to you.



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