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Re: search-filter processing within overlay? (struct Filter)

Daniel wrote:
Hi Folks,

I'm currently making my first steps into overlay development using
OpenLDAP 2.4.15. Digging into some already existing overlays was very
helpful. Thanks to the nice work!

This question is probably more appropriate for openldap-technical; -software is not for questions about slapd internals. -software is for discussions about using existing code, not how to write new code.

My sample overlay is just for personal testing to get some kind of
feeling how to handle the slapd(-overlay) API. All I want to do with my
testing-overlay is to get some kind of datastructure-list of the
attribute names used in the current search-filter.

For example processing the following filter
(&(objectClass=*)(ou=test)(hasSubordinates=TRUE)) my overlay's
_search-callback() should print out "objectClass, ou, hasSubordinates".

Of course I could (regexp) string-compare the filterstr contained in
struct Filter but I thought there has to be a more slapd-API'ic way
available. After browsing through the mailinglist and various
openldap-source files my perhabs silly question is:

Is there some kind of Attribute-list (Attribute *) datastructure

No, there are no Attribute *'s associated with filters at all. Study the struct Filter definition more carefully. Please direct any further followups to the -technical list.

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