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Re: Installaing openldap 2.4 in ubuntu 8.04 whith libdb4.6 (or higher)

fida aljounaidi wrote:
> Hi
> I upgrade my server Os (from feisty to hardy) to install the last
> ubuntu packaged version of openldap (slapd 2.4.9).
> I want to use also the db4.6 utils with this version to do a better
> tuning of DB_CONFIG.
> The problem is that this version is packaged with libdb4.2 dependency.
> With this version of Berkley DB, I've observed an important amount of
> CPU consumed when synchronisation between master and slaves is
> executed. This led sometimes in loss of synchronisation state.
> So, I have 2 questions:
> is it any know bug in libdb4.2 that can lead to this beahaviour ?
> is it better ton install openldap from package Source so that i can
> configure it with higher  version of libdb ? 
Hi Fida,

If you want to use db4.6 on Ubuntu, you will have to compile OpenLDAP
from source.

This is probably a good idea, because you can use a more recent version
of OpenLDAP, that has corrected a lot of bugs, particularly in
synchronization. I recommend you use 2.4.16 which should come out in a
few days.

However, problems with synchronization are very unlikely to be related
to BerkeleyDB.

All the best,