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Re: delta-syncrepl missing changes

On 3/10/09 2:17 PM, Francis Swasey wrote:

If I remember correctly that the overlays get control in the reverse order of their listing (ie, the last one listed is the first one executed), then yes, the auditlog is run first, then accesslog, then syncprov.

I'll do some experimenting with the order and see if I can list auditlog first so it runs last.

I had a chance last night to put the re-ordered overlay list into production. Having auditlog listed first, syncprov second, and accesslog listed last.

This morning, my replica's were out of sync again, so I have now restarted the master server with the auditlog overlay not used (didn't even load the module). If my replica's go out of sync again, then there is definitely a bug in accesslog -- and since the developers are still fighting with replication bugs in 2.4.15 -- I don't see much relief coming any time soon.

Perhaps, someone should undertake to re-implement slurpd -- maybe based on auditlog ;-)

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