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Re: mirroring problem (unwilling to perform error)

Hegedus Gabor wrote:
Hegedus Gabor wrote:
Hi all!

I have a serious problem!

I try to configure the ldap server mirroring mode, but something
problem with this.

Fist of all:
I tested the mirroring on two openldap 2.4.11-0ubuntu6.1. and it
worked fine.

It was okay, when I modified the db1, the db2  modified too.


I try to set up on version 2.3.30, I use the same configuration, the
ldap starts good,  but when i try to modify the db, the phpldapadmin
shows this error:

Could not perform ldap_modify operation.

LDAP said: Server is unwilling to perform
Error number: 0x35 (LDAP_UNWILLING_TO_PERFORM)
Description: The LDAP server refused to perform the operation.

What is the problem, what is missconfigured?

There is no mirrormode feature in plain OpenLDAP 2.3. It was available in Symas CDS 3.x (based on OpenLDAP 2.3), but otherwise is only in OpenLDAP 2.4.

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