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Re: The OpenLDAP Client and Multiple DNS Records

Tim Gustafson wrote:

How does the OpenLDAP client library handle multiple A records being returned for a DNS query for an LDAP server?

OpenLDAP doesn't alter hosts resolution behavior. As usual, the first address (A record) returned would be used.

That is to say, if "host ldap" returns, and, will the OpenLDAP client library only connect to If a connection to fails, will it try and then

It will not try or automatically if a connection attempt to fails.
It might happen to try them on the next connection, if the host needs to resolve the LDAP server's name again, and either or is the first A record returned.

Basically we're trying to achieve redundant servers and load balancing using a round-robin-style DNS entry.

Tim Gustafson
BSOE Webmaster
UC Santa Cruz