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Re: HELP! After Upgrading OpenLDAP 2.4.15 DB 4.6 to DB4.7 LDAP isn't willing to operate: txn_checkpoint interface requires an

Aaron Richton wrote:
I'm a big believer in checking the obvious first...are you reusing the database and/or logs directory from your 4.6 installation?

i.e., rm data/base/*db* data/base/alock data/logs/log*

being VERY VERY careful to NOT delete the "file.ldif"

then slapadd file.ldif again, to your known-clean directory?

The backup LDIF files are carefully inserted into a SVN repository and *NOT* in the DB path, they are stored/dumped elsewere.

Yes, all databse-keeping directories are cleaned before I tried recovering - the folders are empty.

Due to the fact I configure slapd via slapd.d folder, what's about the schemata? I suspected some faulty schema.ldif files. trying to start a 'clean' slapd (moving all the configuraion stuff out of the way) doesn't help much. Something seems very, very strange here :-(