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Re: TLSCipherSuite crashes slapd

John G. Heim wrote:
I inherited an openldap installation and am trying to set up a copy of the
database on a test server so I can experiment with it. I copied the
slapd.conf file from the production machine and made the minimal
modifications I had to to get it to work. The production server is running
the debian etch version of slapd, 2.3.30 and the test server is running
lenny's slapd, 2.4.11. One line that I had to comment out was

And by the way, the current version of OpenLDAP is 2.4.15. If you have trouble with a particular distro's build of OpenLDAP, talk to the distro provider. All of these distros tend to carry their own private patches that they don't share with us here on the Project, so only they can help you with their particular builds. And in general, we don't research problems in old versions - we release bug fixes and move on. If you don't already have current code, it's just a waste of time, chasing down things that were already resolved long ago.

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