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Re: slapd syncrepl consumer having permanent high CPU load

John Morrissey wrote:
We're seeing the same thing, with 2.4.15 + the second-round fix from
ITS#5860 and fully patched BDB 4.7. FWIW, this is with existing databases,
not a fresh syncrepl.

After a couple days of slapd uptime, its BDB entry and DN caches have grown
to about 400k entries each

Grown to 400k, starting from what? What are the configured sizes, what's the total DB size?

and slapd's memory footprint is increasing at
~100MB/hour. CPU consumption skyrockets and performance takes a nose dive.
The CPU consumption seems to be spread across all threads; I can get another
backtrace next time it happens, if that will help.

Yes, please provide a backtrace.

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