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Re: uidNumber doesn't match after slapd-upgrade

Wolfgang Hennerbichler writes:
> Sorry if this question has been asked before (but I have looked  
> through the archives and didn't find anything). After upgrading from  
> debian etch to lenny, I'm running the slapd version 2.4.11-1.

You didn't mention the old OpenLDAP version, but:
Maybe that implies an OpenLDAP version change too, which may mean you
need to rebuild your database: Take down slapd.  sbin/slapcat > old.ldif
to save the old datbase.  Move away the files in the database directory
except DB_CONFIG.  (Don't delete them yet in case something goes wrong.)
sbin/slapadd < old.ldif to rebuild.

Actually you might need to slapcat with your old version, but hopefully