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Re: delta-syncrepl missing changes

Francis Swasey wrote:
> On 3/3/09 2:50 PM, Howard Chu wrote:
>> Francis Swasey wrote:
>>> I assume this is some kind of timing bug.  What info can I provide to
>>> help find this?
>>> I am running 2.3.43 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux v4.
>> At this point, not much until you upgrade to 2.4. 2.3 hasn't been
>> updated in 8 months and is about to be retired.
> You may consider the 2.4 branch stable -- but I'm still seeing way too
> many problems being reported to consider any release of 2.4 for
> production work.

Well, the amount of problems being reported might be higher for 2.4. But
this does not say anything about stability of your particular
configuration. One of the reasons for more issues being reported for 2.4
probably is that many deployments were already migrated to 2.4. So
naturally if less people are using 2.3 there will be less issues reported.

> If this is the worst thing I can find wrong with 2.3.43, then I'll stay
> on 2.3 until the major issues with 2.4 go away.

Hmm, personally I wouldn't want to correct entries manually...your
mileage may vary.

Ciao, Michael.