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LDAP at the UKUUG Spring 2009 Conference

The UKUUG Spring 2009 Conference (24-26 March 2009 in London) has
a strong LDAP flavour.

OpenLDAP and other LDAP technologies are covered by several papers:

  * OpenLDAP Replication Strategies
    Gavin Henry (Suretec Systems & OpenLDAP project)

  * OpenLDAP and MySQL: Bridging the Data Model Divide
    Howard Chu (Symas Corp. & OpenLDAP project)

  * Writing Access Control Policies for LDAP
    Andrew Findlay (Skills 1st)

  * Securing Access to UNIX, Linux and Mac with Active Directory
    Barry Scott (Centrify)

There is also a Kerberos tutorial and several papers on systems

The programme is here:

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