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alias container?

Maybe a stupid question, but can you alias a container object?

One of the State's agencies changed it's name. I want to be able to alias the old name to the new one so searches on the old agency name still work. I tried creating the following record, which worked, but didn't have the desirable result:

# prd.state.or.us
dn: dc=prd,dc=state,dc=or,dc=us
dc: prd
objectClass: top
objectClass: alias
objectClass: extensibleObject
aliasedObjectName: dc=oprd,dc=state,dc=or,dc=us

The container object is:

# oprd.state.or.us
dn: dc=oprd,dc=state,dc=or,dc=us
dc: oprd
objectClass: domain
objectClass: top
description: Oregon Department of Parks and Recreation
o: Parks and Recreation

Possibly there is a better way to accomplish this?

The desired end result is to be able to do:

ldapsearch -b 'dc=prd,dc=state,dc=or,dc=us' -s sub