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Re: synrcrepl "be_modify failed (80)"

Emmanuel Dreyfus wrote:
From time to time, syncrepl breaks on the replica, with this in the

slapd[1737]: null_callback : error code 0x50 slapd[1737]: syncrepl_entry: rid=017 be_modify failed (80) slapd[1737]: do_syncrepl: rid=017 retrying

code 80 is LDAP_OTHER, which is not very insightful. The only way to get
syncrepl working again is to wipe out the database and restart slapd.

According to the above logs, the consumer fails within an internal modify. It could be of help to see a little bit more about that modify. Would it be possible to increase the log level? Adding at least "sync" could at least tell what was being replicated when the failure occurred.

Is the problem reproducible?  Does it take a lot to reproduce?


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