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Re: 2.4.13 slapacl strange behavior

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
--On Tuesday, February 03, 2009 4:32 PM +0300 Dmitriy Kirhlarov <dimma@higis.ru> wrote:

Hi, list.

We are upgrade our openldap installation to 2.4.13 with Berkley DB 47.
We use mirror mode on two openldap servers.

Now we have strange behavior of slapacl (it's look like ITS#3622 issue).

$ sudo slapacl -b o=vega -D cn=ldapadm,o=vega
always return correct data.

$ sudo slapacl -b o=vega -D uid=dkirhlarov,ou=users,o=vega

after that, database o=vega corrupted:

Are you running slapacl while slapd is running?

The issue exists. It occurs when ACL evaluation required to read the user's entry from the database. What happens is that when the database is shut down, a transaction related to that lookup is still open. I have no clue about why it only surfaced now, and wasn't present in 2.4.12. I'm checking with HEAD.


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