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Re: stable version 2.3

--On Tuesday, February 03, 2009 11:50 AM +0100 Lise Didillon <ldidillon@prologue.fr> wrote:

As I have sometimes slapd freezes in openldap version 2.3.19 with BDB
4.2.52 , I would like to upgrade the openldap package but in 2.3 version.
So I would like to know what is the release number considered as stable
in 2.3 version of openldap (is it the 2.3.43 version?)
I see in the mailing list to try 2.3.20 but certainly it's better to take
the last 2.3 stable version, is it?

Correct, you should use 2.3.43 if you must stay on the 2.3 release series.

Also make sure your BDB 4.2 release is fully patched.



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