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Re: Oracle back_sql support question openldap-2.4.11

King, Leon C wrote:
> I have a server with the full Oracle 10 instance.  I installed the
> UNIXODBC package from the http://www.unixodbc.org/ website to compile.
> What else do I need?  Do I need to specify a file in the
> 'oracle/10.1.0/lib' directory.   Unfortunately I can't find much
> documentation.

This is my /etc/odbc.ini

Application Attributes = T
Attributes = W
BatchAutocommitMode = IfAllSuccessful
CloseCursor = F
DisableDPM = F
DisableMTS = T
EXECSchemaOpt =
EXECSyntax = T
Failover = T
FailoverDelay = 10
FailoverRetryCount = 10
FetchBufferSize = 64000
ForceWCHAR = F
Lobs = T
Longs = T
MetadataIdDefault = F
QueryTimeout = T
ResultSets = T
ServerName = ORACOLODB01
SQLGetData extensions = F
Translation DLL =
Translation Option = 0
DisableRULEHint = T
UserID =

And this is my /etc/odbcinst.ini

Description     = Oracle ODBC driver for Oracle 10g
Driver          = /usr/lib/oracle/
Setup           =
FileUsage       =
CPTimeout       =
CPReuse         = 0

Btw... I don't know what some of these attributes means...
Surely "Driver =" in odbc.ini must be the same in odbcinst.ini
And "ServerName = ORACOLODB01" must be the name defined in tnsnames.ora

Another useful thing is to add these lines to odbcinst.ini for debugging

# Serve solo per avere un log
Trace           = Yes
TraceFile       = /tmp/ODBCsql.log
ForceTrace      = Yes
Pooling         = No

At last I can suggest to use isql command

isql -v ORACOLO dbuser dbpassword