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Re: Race condition when using slapo-unique?

Magne Land wrote:
Thank you for replying. Currently the man page of slapo-unique says
"enforce uniqueness", which I find misleading. Would it be possible
to change it to say "makes the best effort to enforce uniqueness" or
something to that effect? Also, is there any way to enforce this
especially for indexed attributes? I imagine you could lock the index


as soon as LDAP transactions <draft-zeilenga-ldap-txn> are in place, they could be used. Even better, the internal API could be modified to take advantage of any database-specific transaction capabilities (which back-bdb & back-hdb have) to implement this type of operations in a transaction-safe manner. I recall this being discussed in the near past, something good for OpenLDAP 3.0.

In the meanwhile, yes, you should file an ITS for a clarification in the documentation.


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