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Re: 64bit compile fails on Solaris 10

On Sat, 24 Jan 2009, John Center wrote:

I think I could use some more black magic... ;-) I get the compile to complete now - Thanks! - but I noticed in SLAPD_PERL_LDFLAGS, SLAPD_LIBS & PERL_CPPFLAGS an "-xarch=v9" flag is being set somewhere. I'd like to set this to the actual xarch/m64 flags I'm using in CFLAGS. This gets added to all the makefiles & I can't seem to override it like I could with the LTCFLAGS. Do you know how to override this? I'm trying to avoid having to edit all of the Makefiles by hand.

My guess is that you need to keep in mind that autoconf (./configure) itself is influenced by many variables that you might not typically expect to be read by a shell script; see the INSTALL file for details. And of course there can be more sinister things going on...I don't use back-perl myself, but I know that lots of perl things are affected by MakeMaker, which in turn is affected by the compile environment of your perl interpreter, which is probably not something in the front of your mind (and might have been done by your vendor, not even yourself).

Everything we know about building OpenLDAP on Solaris is at:


There are some non-obvious gems (you knew to request direct binding to the dynamic linker, of course?) and some irrelevant-to-the-world local mods (SLAPD_EPASSWD is a deprecated local define from before there were password modules...that's a *LONG* time ago)...pick and choose what you will if you look through that.