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frequent slapd freeze with openldap 2.4.13

Hello list.

Since a recent upgrade 2.4.12 -> 2.4.13, I'm facing recurrent slapd hanging.

On client side, ldapsearch requests receive this error:
error.c:272: ldap_parse_result: Assertion `r != ((void *)0)' failed

I'd expect in this case an automatic switch to slave server, but it doesn't work. Here is my ldap libraries configuration:
BASE dc=msr-inria,dc=inria,dc=fr
URI ldap://ldap1.msr-inria.inria.fr ldap://ldap2.msr-inria.inria.fr
TLS_CACERTDIR /etc/pki/tls/certs

On server side, slapd usually shows eating 100, 200 or 300% cpu, which make me think some specific repeated query trigger the issue, making the problem worse when several of them accumulates.

strace on running slapd process shows it's waiting on a futex:
[root@etoile main]# strace -p 2769
Process 2769 attached - interrupt to quit
futex(0xb6bb4bd8, FUTEX_WAIT, 2774, NULL <unfinished ...>

And gdb shows it waiting in __kernel_vsyscall
(gdb) bt
#0  0xffffe410 in __kernel_vsyscall ()
#1  0xb7d385c6 in pthread_join () from /lib/i686/libpthread.so.0
#2  0xb7f23d3f in ldap_pvt_thread_join () from /usr/lib/libldap_r-2.4.so.2
#3  0x0806e1b4 in slapd_daemon ()
#4  0x0805a507 in main ()

In both case, I think the lack of relevant information is caused by the multithreading nature of slapd, I don't know how to access the exact thread where the problem occurs.

I already tried to regenerate indexes, without results. I dropped the base, and reconstructed it from latest backup, it made the problem temporarily disapear. I didn't found anything in the logs, even with debug level set to 'trace'.

I'm using a bdb backend, with this configuration in slapd.conf:
database        bdb
suffix          "dc=msr-inria,dc=inria,dc=fr"
rootdn          "cn=root,dc=msr-inria,dc=inria,dc=fr"
#rootpw         root
directory       /var/lib/ldap/main

cachesize 1000
idlcachesize 1000
checkpoint 256 5

And this one in DB_CONFIG:
set_cachesize   0       1048576        0
set_lg_bsize 2097152
set_lg_max 10485760

The full slapd.conf is accessible at http://pastebin.mandriva.com/5801
db_stat -m output is accessible at http://pastebin.mandriva.com/5799

The main database itself is quite small, the ldiff backup is 1.4 only. I also have a log database for syncrepl purpose.

I'm using openldap 2.4.13, with db 4.6.21, on mandriva linux 2008.1, 32 bits system. I'd be happy to provide additional informations if needed.

Guillaume Rousse
Service des Moyens Informatiques
INRIA Saclay - Île-de-France
Parc Orsay Université, 4 rue J. Monod
91893 Orsay Cedex France
Tel: 01 69 35 69 62