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Re: How can I *really* disable schema-checking?

On Wed, 21 Jan 2009, Bill MacAllister wrote:

> > All I really want is to re-create the same kind of "anything-goes"
> > platform that we had with the old 2.2.19 slapd which allowed me to
> > disable all schema-checking.
> Years ago I wrote a flame to the list about the lost of this feature.  No
> one actually thought that what I was concerned about was important and
> since then I have come around and joined that crowd.  Better to just create
> a valid schema set that will work for you.  It is not all that hard.

I ran into this issue too. I flamed the list too. :)

Once I got over the fact I had to do it and I figured out what the errors
meant. It was pretty simple.

  Sean O'Malley, Information Technologist
  Michigan State University