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Re: linked values

Hi, everybody!

Is there any possibility (via OpenLDAP, of course, without external
scripts) to get the following functionality:

When I change the value A, value C, combined from A + B, is updated

For example, value "Full Name" has a form "Andrew W Markus". There are
three other fields - "First Name" (Andrew), "Middle Name" (W) and "Last
Name" (Markus). I want the "Full Name" to be automatically updated when,
for example, the "First Name" changes.

As far as I can tell, you need to write some code in order to obtain that. It **shouldn't** be a big deal, though. Or, without any need to change code, you can use recent versions of slapo-constraint to make sure that a change to any of the components of "Full Name" is accompanied by a modification of "Full Name" that reflects that change, or inhibit the whole modification. This moves the burden of computing the resulting value to the application, but at least ensures database consistency.


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