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Re: dynlist-overlay and requesting an attribute

> FAIL: The search on a dynamic attribute:
> ldapsearch -x -LLL  '(&(cn=ab37)
> (member=uid=schlotter,ou=LEHRER,o=SCHULE,dc=schule,dc=xx))' member 
> memberurl
> Even if there is no static member attribute, the result is the same. 
> dynlist works only partial.
> It is not possible to search for and find a dynamicly generated 
> attribute.
> And this is the reason, why the command "id" will not enumerate group
> membership correctly.

slapo-dynlist is working as intended.  You can't filter on a dynamically gathered value, as dynamic values are gathered **after** the search is performed.  This is clearly described in the documentation.  It's not a limitation: you're simply misusing that piece of software.  Now you'll probably come out with an explanation as per why slapo-dynlist is almost useless because of this missing capability, and all in all it shouldn't be so difficult to overcome.  I just want to note that this discussion already took place many times on this list and, yes, it is not trivial to implement this feature in an efficient manner, that's why it was not considered from the beginning.  Of course, technology evolves, and if you can come up with an efficient solution and contribute it to the project, it'll always be welcome.


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