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Re: Do we need to setup syncrepl along with back_ldap for proxying?

On Thu, 15 Jan 2009, Steven Truong wrote:


Please change this before you go into production...

I did a ldapsearch and got nothing but "ldap_result: Can't contact
LDAP server (-1)"

Good debugging, and definitely something to fix first.

I forgot to include the log details of this server:

But it's nice that you did, because it points pretty clearly at your next step...

Jan 15 13:52:11 ext slapd[16534]: fd=12 DENIED from unknown (

edit your libwrap (hosts.allow/hosts.deny) configuration to allow and/or whatever else you want to connect.

Then try the ldapsearch again and see how that goes. You should see "ACCEPT" instead of "DENIED."