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Re: LDAP Question

On Wed, 14 Jan 2009, Andi Gorhan wrote:

another LDAP question from my side. If a LDAP DB crashes and I use the db_recover command. What is LDAP doing? Do I need the "checkpoint" paramter in slapd.conf or does LDAP manage the Backup with the Transactionlogs? Is it possible to recover a DB without the checkpoint attribute?

"LDAP" isn't doing a thing with db_recover, it's all Sleepycat at that point. Actually, since db_recover is only safe cold, OpenLDAP isn't even running!

checkpoints will significantly affect recovery, as described in the Sleepycat documentation. The transaction logs are a function of the backing store (Sleepycat) and not OpenLDAP. You can try db_recover even if you don't have checkpoint, but your results are likely to be suboptimal.

Note that OpenLDAP back-bdb/hdb should handle recovery automagically. db_recover by hand should not be necessary with OpenLDAP 2.3 or greater. And the best practice is to use a (backend-agnostic) slapcat regularly.