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LDAP Question

Hello everybody,

My Name is Andi and I come from Germany. I am very new in LDAP and worked with it
the last half year. It is very interesting to work with LDAP but I still have some questions
and maybe (hopefully) you can help me.

Information to my case:
My environment is relativ big. I have 2 LDAP Masters and 8 LDAP Slaves. I configured both
Masters with the Master-Master Syncreplication. Also all Slaves sync with the Master 1. The second
Master is only Backup. I build a really big database (~1.000.000 entrys) to see how LDAP handle
this. Now my questions:

1. I want to know how LDAP works innside. If I tell LDAP which attributes to index, what does LDAP do?
When does LDAP index the attributes and how much time/performance cost that? What is the LDAP indexing Process?

2. A very strange behaviour occurs after on a given time. The CPU Load increase dramatically and I do not know why.
Is it indexing or the Master Master configuration? What else can generate this CPU Problem?

3. The last point is about LDAP Security. The normal backup way is to use slapcat and slapadd. Is it possible to
simply copy the whole database for a correct working backup. So if LDAP Master break down I simply copy the
backuped database to the LDAP directory and everyting works? I tested it before and at the first time it looks good but
If I want to search an entry with some filter rules (e.g. uid=abc) it doesn't bring any entrys although the entry exists. If
I do not use filter, it works correctly. What can be the problem here?

Hopefully you experts can help me here because I invested so much time in this and I did not find any way to do it.
Thank you and have a great day.