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Re: smbk5pwd producing undefined symbol: _kadm5_set_keys error on Ubuntu

That is for Heimdal 1.2. I am using 1.1. Since I have seen it work for heimdal 1.0.1, is it correct to assume that the module was written for 1.0, and that significant changes happened to the API between 1.0 and 1.1?

Would a patch for 1.2 fix the issue for Heimdal 1.1? (or... if I was to take the time to patch it for 1.1, would that patch work for 1.2?) I am not familiar enough with Heimdal to know.

- Scott Grizzard

On Jan 10, 2009, at 5:01 PM, Howard Chu wrote:

Scott Grizzard wrote:
I am trying to make the smbk5pwd module manage password syncing with
Samba and Kerberos. I am running on Ubuntu Server 8.10 with
openldap-2.4.11 and heimdal 1.1.

I can "make" the smbk5pwd module, but when I run a password change using
it, I recieve the following error:

I've messed with this thing for quite a while now, but nothing seems to
be working. Any ideas?

This is ITS#5799. A patch was supposedly available, but the person who submitted the bug report never attached the patch to the report. Feel free to nudge the submitter, we already have...

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