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Re: Local rewrite and authz-regexp

--On Tuesday, January 06, 2009 4:03 PM +0100 Mathieu MILLET <ldap@htam.net> wrote:

Hi everyone,

In this period, a "Happy new year" is most appropriate, isn't ?

I have setup two servers in multimaster replication, with using
SASL/EXTERNAL+authz_regexp (1 have to authz_regexp - one for cn=config and
one for the replicator dn in data context) to authenticate the replication
instances with SSL Certificates.

I would like to implement a "local" rewrite of incoming requests (mostly
BIND and Search operations) so that queries originating with dn like
"cn=jdoe,ou=people,dc=local" are transformed in

I have two problems and one question :

What OpenLDAP release are you using?



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