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Re: modifying replicated slave

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
--On Monday, January 05, 2009 5:05 PM +0000 Graham Seaman <G.Seaman@lse.ac.uk> wrote:


I have a busy master directory and need to replicate this to a quieter
slave. The slave will have one client, which occasionally needs to make
modifications to the directory. As I understand the documentation, in
this situation the old slurpd would happily reroute the modification
request to the master, and the change would eventually feed back to the
slave. But I can't find anything about what happens in this situation
with syncrepl. Does it just quietly accept modifications and allow itself
to get out of sync with the master?

(a) slurpd never rerouted requests
(b) by definition, replicas can't accept updates from clients, thus they can't get out of sync with the master.
(c) See the "updateref" directive to point clients to the master (but they have to know how to follow referrals)
(d) See how to set up slapo-chain to chain modifications made to a replica by a client to the master, so the clients don't have to know how to follow referrals.

Thanks for that. I followed the instructions on:


and it all seems to be working ok :-)




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