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Re: OpenLdap 2.4 - Push replication slave/consumer behind firewall

Please keep replies on the list.

From your source directory (and note that if you're using syncrepl, this really should be the latest 2.4, not 2.4.11), cd into tests, then "./run test048". The test will occur in the "testrun" directory -- you can find slapd.1.conf and slapd.2.conf there.

On Mon, 5 Jan 2009, Jose G. Torres wrote:

A few questions.

First, do I assume to look at the source distribution under tests/scripts directory for these examples?  I am look at the 2.4.11 version.

Look at test048 (the really good parts are in the slapd.1.conf). When you mean to look at test048, do you mean tests/scripts/test048-syncrepl-multiproxy?

Basically, drop the port 9013 configuration, and tune the 9012 one to your
reality. In particular, you'll want to remove the slapd.2.conf chain
directives (consider adding an updateref if appropriate) since the slave
won't be able to make the necessary connection.
I am trying to find the slapd.1.conf and slapd.2.conf files.   Are these files called tests/data/slapd-syncrepl-*.conf or something like that?