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Re: OpenLdap 2.4 - Push replication slave/consumer behind firewall

On Fri, 2 Jan 2009, Jose G. Torres wrote:

not the other way around because my slave/consumer is behind a firewall and do not allow outbound connections.   I would like to replicate my

Look at test048 (the really good parts are in the slapd.1.conf). Basically, drop the port 9013 configuration, and tune the 9012 one to your reality. In particular, you'll want to remove the slapd.2.conf chain directives (consider adding an updateref if appropriate) since the slave won't be able to make the necessary connection.

I just need to have a read only copy on the slave/consumer end.  Could I do some like push an ldif copy my directory to the slave/consumer? 

There are an infinite number of out-of-band possibilities, but syncrepl+back-ldap has the significant advantage of being implemented solely within OpenLDAP slapd. Always good to reduce moving parts...