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Re: Using UPN notation for LDAPbind

Wilhelm Meier wrote:
Am Samstag 27 Dezember 2008 schrieb Michael StrÃder:
Wilhelm Meier wrote:
Am Freitag 26 Dezember 2008 schrieb Pierangelo Masarati:
----- "Michael StrÃder" <michael@stroeder.com> wrote:
Wilhelm Meier wrote:
is there a way to use the UPN (user@domain.com) notation to do

to the OpenLDAP-Server.
Assuming you mean simple bind the answer is no. According to
RFC 4511 the name in a BindRequest is a DN. Using the UPN as
name is a proprietary violation of LDAPv3 in MS AD.

Or do I have to use the rwm-overlay to map
the bind-string to a valid DN?
Not sure whether that would work.
It would work if you used "mail=user@domain.com", as it complies
with DN syntax.
Ok, I thought about that, but if you have some silly applications
where you can't compose the connect-string for the bind it would
be rather nice if one can configure the OpenLDAP tu user this upn
Which applications? Something very AD-specific?

Not really, but the bind-DN is always composed as <user>@<domain>

So please don't call it bind-DN, as it is not a DN.


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