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Re: OpenLDAP and DNS SRV records

----- "Matt Kowske" <jmkowske@gmail.com> wrote:

> I apologize, but I did find a reference on how to do this in the man
> page for ldapsearch:
> .BI \-H \ ldapuri
> Specify URI(s) referring to the ldap server(s);
> a list of URI, separated by whitespace or commas is expected;
> only the protocol/host/port fields are allowed.
> As an exception, if no host/port is specified, but a DN is,
> the DN is used to look up the corresponding host(s) using the
> DNS SRV records, according to RFC 2782. The DN must be a non-empty
> sequence of AVAs whose attribute type is "dc" (domain component),
> and must be escaped according to RFC 2396.
> My question then, is this also possible when not using the ldapsearch
> tool, but using the ldap library calls/API or is this change in 2.4
> exclusive to the command line tools?

The client tools all use libldap.


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