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Re: Updating a private schema (cn=config)?

Andrzej Jan Taramina wrote:
> Hallvard:
>> Only a few backends in slapd use what you'd normally call a "database".
>> Do you have a suggestion for where it could have made clearer, and
>> a brief wording for it?
> Backend storage mechanism.

This does not say much. In the way I understand your wording this
definition is plain wrong since it lacks the functional model of a
database. And that's exactly what's missing in your understanding.

>> The point of cn=config is that you can update it over the LDAP protocol
>> without stopping slapd.  Therefore the configuration must be LDAP
>> entries.  
> Which can be handy at times...just not for doing iterative custom schema
> development. ;-)

I usually do schema development in a dedicated test slapd instance by
simply editing schema text files included with slapd.conf. I'd use
cn=config only if there's a real need for dynamic re-configuration of a
long-running slapd instance for minimizing downtime.

Ciao, Michael.