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Re: Updating a private schema (cn=config)?

Andrzej Jan Taramina wrote:
> Hallvard:
>> If nobody has mentioned it yet - I hope you are aware of various LDAP
>> browser/editors which can make this a bit easier.  phpLDAPadmin, ldapvi,
>> etc.  Some ar listed here:
>>    http://www.openldap.org/faq/data/cache/271.html
> Yup....I use the command line utilities (ldapsearch/add/modify) a lot with some routines that generate appropriate ldif 
> files from raw XML.  I also have found luma to be quite handy as a GUI-based LDAP viewer/editor. Even managed to get it 
> set up so that I can walk and modify the cn=config entries, including schemas.
>> There are LDAP tools that make editing LDAP entries easier -
> Yup...like XSLT and XQuery! ;-)
>> It's what slapd considers a "database" and which you configure as a
>> "database" in slapd.conf.  A slapd "database" is an instance of a
>> backend, and a backend is a module which can store/provide LDAP data for
>> slapd.
> Then the term "database" is being misused rather badly, IMO. They are just ldif-formatted flat files.

At the risk of sparking a semantic war, a database is simply a collection of records. How
they are formatted or stored is an implementation detail.

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